Young Climathon

What is Young Climathon?

The Young Climathon is a one to two day climate hackathon where students work on a real climate challenge from an industry sector, city, company or school.​


Challenge creation​

Create meaningful challenges with the students, schools, teachers in your city to create long-lasting climate actions and solutions.​


Deep-dive learning on systemic thinking​

The students work with tools that help them to explore the systems in place that need to change to ensure a sustainable future. ​


Young Climathon and Final Pitch​

The students develop solutions to the challenges with experienced coaches and pitch them to the challenge owner. ​

Why join?

"Every single child that is born in Europe today will need to lead a carbon neutral life by the time they leave school.”

Young people will be most affected by climate change – They are the key to change on a wide scale – Help solve urgent issues with the Young Climathon

Empower students to take climate action - respond to their desire to make a difference
Encourage and help young people with communication skills to articulate their message to society
Develop a systemic view to explore the systems in place behind the climate challenge we face globally
Foster experience-based and action-oriented learning (engaging schools, the students and corporates)


You can get engaged with us using the registration form below. We have existing partners in Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain, Italy and the UK. Are you a city interested in hosting a Young Climathon, are you a delivery partner ready to get started with us, or perhaps you want to engage your corporation? We will be happy to talk to you! ​

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These organisations partner with the Young Climathon

Universitat de València


Stichting Technotrend


Solutions for the Planet


Agenzia Mobilità Ambiente Territorio

Comune di Milano

Fondazione Cariplo

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