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Together we can make Bucharest and the world a better place to live

This October, Bucharest plays a key role in acting against climate change by joining the international hackathon Climathon, organized by Impact Hub Bucharest. Climathon Bucharest includes a 24 hour hackathon and support for the winning teams.

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Join the Climathon in Bucharest on October 25 to connect public and private partners to bring about a shared vision for a healthier city.

Turn this vision into a reality by working together with NGO representatives, corporate representatives, KOLs, green entrepreneurs, representatives from the Ministry of Environment, developers and tech enthuziasts, or innovators to find innovative climate solutions and win support.

Work on your solution with your own team or join one! Experts and mentors will support you during the 24 hours in finding the best solutions to the challenges and after the program, if your solution wins.

Bucharest Challenges

These exciting challenges are waiting to be solved by you. You can register the Climathon in Bucharest by choosing only one of the 2 challenges described below!

Increased transparency and public participation on European investment projects with major impact

Increased transparency and public participation in the process of developing and approving large scale European investment projects with substantial environmental impact

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How can we turn Bucharest into a greener better city?

Creating or reviving urban gardens could drastically improve the life of citizens in Bucharest. Concrete is gaining more and more spaces in Bucharest, therefore a call to transform the city into a greener place is required. Let’s call for ideas to reclaim spaces for community ‘urban gardens’.

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