Zürich - Climathon 2019



Tackle one of the three exciting challenges during Zürich Climathon 2019!

How might we activate Zürich's citizens to be part of the solution?

Motivate Zürich's citizens to take action to fight against climate change: Design a campaign!

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How can we create a restful, edible city and take care of it as a self-organized community?

Imagine: everyone could be a farmer and a farm could be anywhere. Create a system for citizens and groups to use urban space for food production. Avoid conflicts between production and other claims and build a reliable, long lasting community-run system.

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How can urban heat islands be prevented in Zürich?

Facing rising temperatures, the people of Zürich have to find a way to prevent their city from becoming a heat island. You can be part of this by analyzing the current "relief" systems, such as urban green spaces and design improved versions.

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Help Zürich achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030

The “Klimastreik” movement demands that Zürich sets itself the ambitious goal of reaching net zero emissions by 2030. Bring your motivation and knowledge to the table and design your vision of a carbon-neutral Zürich.

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