Wolkersdorf - Climathon 2019


Join the Climathon in Wolkersdorf!

Be part of the pioneering spirit in Obersdorf! Solve exciting climate challenges with like-minded people, develop your skills and learn from experienced coaches and mentors while enjoying food & drinks and some vitalizing exercises!

Our first Climathon! Join us on Friday, Oct. 25th

What's in it for me?

Be a part of the solutions for a low-carbon, climate-resilient Wolkersdorf!

Work with like-minded people, business coaches and industry experts to support the creation of viable solutions in the fields of "Mobility""Energy" and "Water Management".

We will support you in developing the most innovative, practical and ambitious ideas in a unique and stimulating environment. The event takes place in Obersdorf, a village of 2.000 inhabitants and part of the agglomeration of the city of Wolkersdorf. We believe that we can make a difference in the larger region and set the impuls for more climate-friendly initiatives in rural areas.

Thanks to our supporting partners and Climate-KIC's Europe-wide network of climate innovators, the Climathon Vienna 2019 does not end on October 25th. It may just be the start for your own journey as an innovator - turning your ideas into reality!


We want to create a prosperous, climate-resilient future for Wolkersdorf. We want to make life in this beautiful city even more liveable and convenient while using our resources more consciously and preserving the natural environment that supports our lifestyles, health and wellbeing. 

Our aim is to achieve the city's ambitious climate and sustainability goals by engaging local entrepreneurs, students, activists, developers and innovators on climate action, empowering and showcasing local climate action across the globe and engaging with new global partners.


A growing world population, our widespread dependency on fossil fuels as well as the already visible impacts of climate change call for action now, not tomorrow.

We believe that real change can only be achieved in a collaborative way, turning local climate projects into global movements.

The climathon calls for action in more than 100 cities on 6 continents, fostering climate innovation for a greener future worldwide!


Join us

We are looking for different participants to join the Climathon. Sign up for your profile now. Hurry up we only have a limited amount of seats.





Policy maker



Check out our schedule for the 24-hours

25 October 16:30

Doors Open

Registration, getting to know the place

25 October 17:00


Welcome speech Introduction to the Climathon

25 October 17:15


Introduction to the challenges

25 October 17:30


Teamfinding and Teambuilding; present your ideas to the other participants, form teams and start working

25 October 19:30


Brain and body food for all

25 October 20:00

Hacking Sequence No. 1

Brainstorming Ideas & finding solutions

25 October 21:45

#Mobility Special

25 October 22:00

Energizing Workout Session

Enjoy the break to recharge your batteries.

25 October 22:30

Hacking Sequence No. 1 | SUMM-UP

Get ready for the next step!

26 October 00:00


26 October 06:30

Early Bird Yoga

Sunrise and activation for you body and soul

26 October 07:00


Getting ready for the day

26 October 08:00

Inspirational Pitch

Some more brain food for a perfect start

26 October 08:45

Hacking Sequence No. 2

The concept is getting clear and tangible. Coaches and experts are available for questions and inputs on challenges

25 October 12:30


Brain and body food for all

26 October 13:30

Hacking Sequence No. 3 | Final

Wraping up the baby: get the slides or the flipchart ready for the final presentation

26 October 15:30

Hands off! End of Hack!

Stop the teamwork and submit 1-2 slides for the Festival of Ideas

26 October 16:00


Each team explains their solution in 2 min on the main stage - using max. 2 slides

11 August 01:57


The winning solutions are presented by the City of Wolkersdorf and the Climathon partners. Foto Session and final reception.

Mini-Hackathon at the Lindenfest

What would you like to see happening in the centre of Obersdorf?

07 September 15:00

What is a Climathon?

Meet the organising team and get to know the concept of a hackathon through our Mini-Hackathon. Follow the results here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2448398202103671/




Hauptstraße 57
AT2120 Wolkersdorf - Wolkersdorf

How to get there

By train: Train station Wolkersdorf or Obersdorf, then about 15 min. by foot or 5 min. by bicycle.

By bus: Several bus lines connect Obersdorf and Wolkersdorf to Mistelbach, Korneuburg and Gänserndorf.

On foot/bike: By foot 20 min., by bicycle 7 min. away from the city centre of Wolkersdorf.

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