Wolkersdorf - Climathon 2019



Diese spannenden Challenges warten darauf, von dir gelöst zu werden:

How can we make our streets and walks more attractive for pedestrians and bike rides?

Walking, biking: Let's create incentives to walk and bike for distances less than 5km. Will we be able to use the existing road network, to ensure accessibility and not to seal new surfaces?

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What can each of us do to make efficient use of energy in the region?

Using energy efficiently: what exactly does it need for it? Which energy sources are available to us? How can we use these in the long term? Which centralized and decentralized solutions are available and where can their use be exhausted?

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How shall we react to weather and water extreme events?

Both farmers and private households can be affected by extreme weather events, may it be drought or heavy rainfalls. Let's gather ideas to react to the climate change and enhance the resilience of the broader area.

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