A platform to facilitate sustainability

Collective is a platform that allows you to shortcut your way to sustainability. Find all that you need to know in an instant.

Christopher Ruf (ETH, BCs. Chemistry), Maxime Pantaleoni (RBS, MSc. Asian Studies), Alex Mungkorn(TIO, MSc. International Tourism Management, Hive), Vanessa Heinz(CBS, MSc. Business and Development), Alan Petrovic ( WUW, MSc. Sozialökonomie)
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Campaign to Combat Climate Change

Motivate Zürich's citizens to take action to fight against climate change: Design a campaign!

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A platform to facilitate sustainability

Collective is a platform that allows you to shortcut your way to sustainability. Find all that you need to know in an instant.

Solution context

We believe that, in order to have a stand against climate change, collective action is essential. 

Although there is already a major shift towards sustainability, individuals often face challenges when adopting more sustainable habits. As doing a transition in time essential, it is important to present a simple guide to sustainability that allows individuals to save time in their transition and overcome those challenges in time.

Even more importantly, it does not only take a change in behavior from a part of society but an overall change. As personal change can not only be promoted of public services and movements, as has been shown over the last decades, we recognized the importance of developing a new approach to complete the existing methods.

For this reason, we choose a method of offline marketing, based on a word of mouth approach with a training and education system, to create a regenerative culture that focuses on outreach within the personal environment. Users will be able to get educated on how to help their environment on becoming more sustainable and ultimately help them to do the same thing. 

Solution description

We provide an information hub that serves as a starting point to learn more about the necessity of personal action against climate change to raise and maintain awareness, no matter how much you have already been involved. This hub does not only deliver you the knowledge and education on why change is needed but gives you instant access to in-house solutions to reduce your carbon footprint, as well as an overview of all sustainable alternatives in the respective cities, that you can simply implement into your lifestyle. Apart from this, it will be an open platform to share local and regional petitions and inform about other ways to help in achieving change, within our partner organizations.

Users will be able to create a personal account on the website, that allows them to track their progress, see their carbon footprint decrease and have access to our main product, the Habits. 

This consists of a cyclic monthly experience that allows you an inside to different aspects, at a time, of what makes a sustainable and responsible lifestyle. Veganism, or generally an alimentation with reduced meat and dairy intake, sustainable fashion, sustainable ways of commutation and sustainability at home will be part of the challenges. 

Through these experiences, users will be able to adapt their habits continuously, while becoming more aware of the necessity and without confronting them with the common obstacles.







* Climate-KIC publishes the proposed solutions developed during the Climathon event solely for the purposes of facilitating public access to the information concerning ideas and shall not be liable regarding any intellectual property or other rights that might be claimed to pertain to the implementation or use any of the proposed solutions shared on its website neither does it represent that it has made any effort to identify any such rights. Climate-KIC cannot guarantee that the text of the proposed solution is an exact reproduction of the proposed solution. This database is general in character and where you want to use and develop a proposed solution further, this is permitted. We recommend getting in touch with the relevant team or give credit by referencing this solution subpage as the original source.

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