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The terms and conditions are a necessary and normal part of agreeing to provide or be provided with a service, in this case the use of our website. We need you to agree to follow the rules we set out there in order to carry on using it. It covers important matters such as how you must behave when interacting with us or other users, what you may or may not do with our website and its content, and how we use the personal information you submit via it.

Please do not check the box but also make sure you tell your local Climathon organisers about it, so they can ensure, that you will not be on photos or videos.

Climate-KIC passport allows you to register once and access all Climate-KIC education platforms without creating multiple accounts. While registering for the Climathon you can also register additionally for the Climate-KIC passport. If you register for this, you will be able to access the Climate-KIC education platform where you can find e-learning materials on, like the Climathon online learning course or you can join other Climate-KIC programmes such as the Journey and Pioneers into Practice.

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