How to organise

Who can be a local organiser?

Customise your own Climathon to your city. Supported by local facilitators, each Climathon will help citizens, communities and the local economies to create local pathsways to action. 

Local organiser profile

  • Climathon events are organised by organisations like city authorities or municipalities, NGOs/ NPOs, community organisations/ co-working spaces, educational institutions, SMEs or others.

  • Climathon is a programme for purpose driven organisations.

  • Your organisation needs to have an office or employee living in the city in which you organise the Climathon.

  • A Climathon license is valid for one city and for one programme.

  • Climathon licenses are non-transferable—you cannot transfer your Climathon license to another organisation.

How to organise

Each individual Climathon is city-based and organised by a local organiser. This is how it looks:


  • Take responsibility for local Climathon organising and fundraising activities.

  • Follow the non-negotiables of the programme guidelines.

  • Obtain a city licence, which is a unique tool to create meaningful change.

  • Gain branding power for your organisation as a prominent Climathon organiser.

  • Use Climathon for fundraising opportunities, building new partnerships and improving your profile locally.

  • Gain access to handbooks, guidelines, sales documents, marketing materials, your own website, registration tool and advisory forum.

  • Bring passion and energy to make your city cleaner and greener. 

Concrete actions

  • Organisational activities: Organise the hackathon and optionally the pre- and post-event. This includes programme coordination, participant recruiting, finding coaches and experts and logistics. Create follow-up opportunities for the Climathon projects.
  • Entrepreneurial: Develop the Climathon further to have the maximum possible impact in your city. Come up with creative ideas, campaigns or projects.
  • Partnerships: Setup partnerships and acquire local partners to cover financial needs.
  • Challenges: Define the climate challenges you will work on for the Climathon together with city experts.
  • Communication: Fill the local website, update communication materials and coordinate with local press. 
  • Reporting: Report the data of your Climathon.

What are the benefits

Want more Impact?

Climathon is a year-round programme, with a solutions-hackathon at its core. These example elements can all be added to your Climathon to increase its impact, but also many more of your ideas can be part of a Climathon in your city. 


Climathon Bootcamp

Framing, defining and refining city climate challenges with the involvement of citizens.

Pre-Ideation Workshop

Preparing participants for the Climathon.

Awareness-creation event

Inviting speakers to introduce climate change related topics. 


Start-up track

Inviting existing start-ups to join and use Climathon to further accelerate their impact.

Policy and/or intrapreneurship track

Inviting politicians to work together with citizens on developing local policies or inviting companies to send their intrapreneurial teams to develop ways on how to make their companies greener.

Young Climathon

Involving undergraduate students and schools in the Climathon with a related challenge but shorter time frame.



Continuous support of Climathon teams and their developed city solutions within Climate-KIC Greenhouse or Climate Launchpad.

Climathon Global Awards

Climathon teams defining the application for the global awards.  


Give teams coaching to improve developed city solutions and bring winning teams and city authorities together to exchange on developed city solutions.

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