General information about the Climathon

Climathon is a year-round programme, with a powerful solutions-hackathon at its core, creating climate action in the form of tangible projects; supporting climate positive businesses and start-ups; and, addressing local policy changes. 

Climathon follows three steps toward achieving climate action,

  • Defining the climate challenges 
  • Developing solutions to solve climate challenges
  • Providing continued support to realise the solutions

We are looking for organisers from all around the world! There are different kinds of Climathon local organisers:

  • City authorities or municipalities
  • NGOs/ NPOs
  • Community organisations/ co-working spaces
  • Educational institutions
  • SMEs
  • Others

Organising the Climathon is a unique experience with various benefits.

  • Use the proven Climathon methodology and its global success story to bring meaningful climate action to your city.
  • Profit from the well-documented blueprints, the different templates as well as tips & tricks to make organising Climathon efficient for your organisation.
  • Employ Climathon as the platform to fundraise and scale for climate action, to strengthen the relationship with the local city authorities and further develop the profile of your organisation.
  • Make participating in climate action programmes more attractive through the global connections, the inspiring stories and access to the global awards.
  • Have fun and be energised as part of a global community of climate action activists.

Check out our programme guidelines here

  • The city licence is your ticket to organise Climathon in your city. By applying for the Climathon and signing the Memorandum of Understanding (which will be sent to you), you will receive your licence.
  • The licence is initially valid for a 12-month period. If both parties are satisfied with the collaboration, the license will be automatically extended for an additional 12-month period.
  • The license is valid for one city only and will grant you exclusivity to organise Climathon in your city.
  • Climathon licences are issued to organisations with a strong link to the city. This could mean you have an office, legal representation, residency or, in exceptional cases, another way of assuring a strong link to the city.
  • Under special circumstances, and upon request, Climathon licences may be issued to individuals (not organisations).

Climate-KIC will support local organisers by supplying the following: 

IT infrastructure

  • Web hosting
  • Ready to use website template
  • Registration platform for participants

Programme support

  • Climathon Handbooks
  • Webinars and Video newsletters
  • Peer-to-peer support platform
  • Single point of contact from Climate-KIC

 Impact assessment

  • Impact assessment framework
  • Participant survey
  • End of year data/impact report

Marketing and Communication

  • Communication templates (e.g. PPT, videos, posters, flyers, roll-ups, social media posts etc.)
  • Global PR and social media campaign management
  • Endorsement videos with key climate change spokespeople

Global Awards

  • Global media coverage
  • Global recognition for achievement including prices for cities and participants

Local organisers need to do the following: 

  • Organisational responsibilities: Organise the core hackathon event and optionally the pre- and post-event. This includes programme coordination, participant recruitment, looking for coaches and experts and coordinating event logistics. 
  • Entrepreneurial mandate: Localise Climathon and adapt it to your needs to have the maximum possible impact in your city. Your creative ideas, campaigns or projects are more than welcome.
  • Partnership development: Set up partnerships and acquire local partners to cover financial needs.
  • Challenge definition: Co-create the climate challenges you will work on together with city experts.
  • Communication: Manage local website, update communication materials and coordinate with local media partners. 
  • Reporting: Share the data and insights you have collected with Climate-KIC

1. Local organiser application through the Climathon website between May - August.
2. Local organiser create their city pages customised to their event between June - September
3. Participant application starts as soon as the city pages are approved
3. 25 October 2019 – Global Climathon Day
4. Sharing information on your local Climathon event in online report

The city authority can best identify the main local climate challenges they are facing and also implement the developed solutions.

The main target group for participants is

• Entrepreneurs
• Students
• Developers
• Innovators
• Policy makers
• Professionals
• Other citizens interested in topic
• School students (Young Climathon)


You can apply via the Climathon website by clicking on the Join button.

During the city registration process you will be guided to a form where you can get in contact with the city host that is already registered to join forces organising the Climathon.

Preparation for the Climathon

Once you have registered, you will have to sign the MoU to get access to your login page to create the city website. Then your next steps are: 

  1. If you are not a city authority or you have no contact to the city yet, get in touch with them as soon as possible to talk about their involvement.
  2. Start defining the city challenge(s) for your Climathon.
  3. Go out to local organisations and companies to seek sponsorship.
  4. Start looking for a venue.
  5. Create your website.

We highly encourage local organiser to reach out for sponsorship in their cities to make the event happen. You can give your sponsors visibility by uploading their logos on the city page and involving them in your social media campaign.

In all Climathon communication English is the common language. All information that is on your Climathon city page should be available in English, but it can be available in the local language as well. The city pages and Climathon documents can be bilingual. The Climathon team provides customisable materials – where the text can be translated into your local language. After the events the online report should also be done in English.

In all Climathon communication English is the common language. However, if you have only local people at your events, the Climathon events can be run in your local language. 

Each Climathon city has their own city page on the Climathon website. It contains all the information about the local Climathon, with mandatory and option sections to fill out. Participants will be able to apply through the city pages to the Climathon.

The main sections of the city pages will be:

• Introduction to the Climathon
• Challenge description
• Schedule
• People involved (Coaches, mentor, experts, jury)
• Prizes and Follow-up
• Partner/Sponsor section
• Venue
• Organisers details
• News/Blog section


Once your city page is ready, your recruitment process can start. Climate-KIC provides the following to help with participant recruitment:

• A customisable city page where participants can register
• Marketing materials to help promote the Climathon

Participant numbers vary depending the different Climathon cities. To create a good atmosphere and create enough good solutions we recommend to have at least 50 participants present during a Climathon.

Participants can apply if their city has a Climathon city page through the Climathon website.

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