Climathon Stories

Zero Mission

An app offering rewards for behavioural changes towards sustainable choices

Glasgow, United Kingdom
City & Country
glasgow city college.png

The Challenge

Because the Scottish Government wants Scotland to phase out fossil fuels by 2032, the city's Climathon focused on looking at this issue through a transport lens to find solutions for Glasgow itself.

The winning team created Zero Mission, an app which gives its users rewards in the form of points that can be spent on various items and activities. Points are earned by making good product or service choices around transport, such as sharing a car journey or biking somewhere instead of driving. The app would also be linked to a carbon accounting system for the data to be used in reporting and policymaking.

Where Are They Now?

After being questioned by the judges, Zero Mission suggested that the app should be funded by the local authority as part of a wider sustainable transport vision, and in line with the Scottish Government’s fossil fuel free vision.

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