Climathon rules



Climathon is a global programme. This requires a shared understanding and a set of rules and guidelines to ensure the quality and integrity of the programme.

We believe you, as a local organiser, know best what your city needs. Therefore, please do what you think works best, as long as it aligns with the following ground rules and guidelines. If something remains unclear, we would rather you ask us for forgiveness, not permission.

We look forward to collaborating with you.

Licensing Guidelines

  • Each Climathon is organised by a local organiser called a City Enabler. The City Enabler with a city licence will collaborate with city authorities (unless they are the local organiser themselves), citizens, and local partner network to engage citizens in climate action.
  • All the aspects of collaboration are captured in the Memorandum of Understanding, which you are required to sign upon application.
  • The licence is initially valid for a 12-month period. If both parties are satisfied with the collaboration, the license will be automatically extended for an additional 12-month period.
  • Climathons do not travel. The license is valid for one city only and will grant you exclusivity to organise Climathon in your city.
  • Climathon licences are non-transferable.
  • Climathon licences are issued to organisations with a strong link to the city. This could mean you have an office, legal representation, residency or, in exceptional cases, another way of assuring a strong link to the city.
  • Under special circumstances, and upon request, Climathon licences may be issued to individuals (not organisations).
  • If you decide not to renew your Climathon license, or it gets revoked, you must transfer ownership of your Climathon domain name and other resources to another City Enabler.


  • Each Climathon consists of a pre-programme, main hackathon and a post-programme event. In 2019, it will still be possible to organise the main hackathon event only. However, in 2020 the pre- and post-programme modules will become an indispensable part of the Climathon concept. Therefore, we encourage to pilot the new format this year.
  • The Climathon guidance documents will provide you with some suggestions on what kind of pre- and post-programme can be organised. The final decision on what format to follow is completely up to you as City Enabler.
  • Climate KIC will organise Global Climathon Awards. The purpose of the Global Awards, is to celebrate some of the most innovative ideas from all Climathons. Participation is optional, but highly encouraged.
  • Every year one Global Climathon Day will take place, this year it will be the 25th October 2019. We encourage all cities to organise the hackathon on and/or around that day to increase our global reach, but this is not mandatory.
  • We recommend that the main hackathon event to take between 12 and 72 hours, however you can decide otherwise if you have good reasons for doing so.
  • In order for the event to have a significant local impact, you are required to involve local city authorities. This take one of the following forms: formal endorsement, sponsorship, involvement in setting a challenge or providing space and marketing support. The Climathon guidance document event essentials will provide some best practices.
  • Climathon is focused on city challenges. You define the challenges you want to work on within the format developed by Climate-KIC.
  • Climathon operates under a mindset of open collaboration. You consent that all the challenges and solutions publicly contributed to the Climathon website or ideated as part of any of Climathon-branded events become shareable, accessible and reusable by anyone.
  • In order to maximize the impact of the Climathon, it is essential that you provide us with access to data and insights about local challenges, solutions and participant demographics. You commit to respond to such request in a timely manner.

Branding and communication

  • You agree to adhering to the Climathon branding guidelines which will be provided to you in more detail in a Branding Guidebook.
  • The local brand name of your Climathon must be either ClimathonCity or Climathon City. You must not use abbreviations or local variations.
  • Your official role is “Climathon City Organiser”. You may also use “Climathon City. Organised by X” (where X is your organisation).
  • EIT Climate-KIC's official role is “Climathon Initiator”. You may also use "Initiated by EIT Climate-KIC".
  • You must use the website provided by Climate KIC to promote your Climathon and recruit participants. The URL address of the website will be [your city]
  • If you involve sponsors and partners, you may choose a custom designation for them. We recommend using:
    o City Partner: for the city authorities
    o Sponsor: for financial supporters
    o Expertise Partner: for organisations supporting with content, coaches or alike
    o Media Partner: for organisations helping you to spread the message
  • Climathons may focus on a specific theme (i.e. tourism, mobility, food, …). The local theme cannot be included in the official brand.

Sponsorship and financials

  • Climathon is designed as a for-impact initiative. This means that it cannot be used for profit maximization.
  • You are responsible for securing all the resources required in order to organise a local Climathon. This includes, yet is not limited to, personnel, location, facilitation, materials, and fundraising activities.
  • You can offer a local sponsor anything you deem reasonable. If a sponsor is interested in supporting multiple cities, you can either refer them to other local organisers or involve us and we will support you in the process.
  • Climate-KIC is responsible for securing all the resources required in order to coordinate Climathon globally. In order to cover such costs, you will be asked to contribute financially from 2020 onward. In 2019, you will not be required to pay a contribution.
  • From 2020 onward, the licensing fees are expected to apply to City Enablers. The licensing fees will be calculated on a sliding scale based on theproject budget of the local Climathon for that year:
    o Under €10,000 | 0%;
    o Between €10,000 and €30,000 | 5%;
    o Greater than €30,000 and above | 10% (max. €5,000)
  • Climate-KIC intends to redistribute the collected fees to financially less-able City Enablers to maximize the impact and reach of the programme worldwide.
  • Under special circumstances such as limited fundraising opportunities or insolvency, you can request a waiver of fees.
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