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How can we share knowledge, build capacity and better invest in digital agriculture in Zajecar?


Farmers in the Zajecar municipality are facing challenges due to knowledge sharing, capacity building and investment in innovative technologies are part of a transformation into sustainable food and agricultural production systems.

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How can we stimulate the installation of renewable energy sources in Lithuania?


What are the effective ways to stimulate the installation of renewable energy sources in Lithuanian cities? The results might include 2-3 year schedule with monetisation plans.

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Climate-Friendly public transport


The challenge was framed from activists from the climate-strike movement

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How can we transition to natural gas-free quarters in the city?


School children are an important target group for the city, because they are both problem holders, for their own future, and an important part of the solution.

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How can we increase energy cooperation?


When residents will be off gas, they will have to think about alternatives for warmth and electricity in their homes.

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How can we prepare Brno for Climate Change?


According to #brno2050 strategy and the votes from the citizens, one of the most important aspects of the quality of life will be the healthy and living environment as well as the nature in the city. Let's prepare Brno for Climate Change!

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How can we reduce the air pollution by reducing mobility in the city centre of Jelgava?


Every day residents of Jelgava and areas around are using infrastructure of Jelgava, most of the times they choose fastest and easiest root Street Lielā to reach their destination. This choice brings a lot of stress to environment and infrastructure.

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How can we build an energy efficient city where we use renewable energy as main source of power?


Dhaka City consumes 55% of total generated electricity. Most of the buildings in Dhaka City is deprived of natural ventilation and lighting provisions resulting more energy consumption. City dwellers are not trying to reduce energy consumption. Renewable energy usage is also negligible.

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How can Galway become one of the lowest carbon footprint cities in the world by 2030?


The top 100 highest-footprint cities worldwide drive roughly 20% of the global carbon footprint. If all cities globally, whether large or small, made concerted efforts to reduce their carbon footprints it would make a significant impact on decarbonisation pathways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

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How do we make energy more sustainable?

Cities consume 78% of the world’s energy and produce 60% of its emissions. As urban population increases worldwide, cities are crucial to emission reduction efforts.


Cities have a key role to play in the energy transition which is central to address climate change and resource scarcity. Cities tend to build and implement local energy strategies, often ignoring the global issues, and fail to consider mid-term and long-term scenarii. However, many European cities are increasingly attempting to define their local energy strategies integrating both economic and environmental impacts. Copenhagen (Denmark) aims to become the first carbon neutral city by 2025 and Perpignan (France) produces all the electricity for its residents locally by 2015. In order to be effective in their energy transition, cities need to coordinate local stakeholders, provide detailed and relevant diagnosis of their region, and identify the potential for energy savings and renewable substitution. Mid and long-term strategies need to integrate the whole energy value chain, from production, distribution and consumption.

Fields that need to be improved to reach a future of sustainable energy in the cities:

  • The transport sector is responsible for approximately a quarter of total energy-related CO2 emissions.
  • The built environement is of the utmost importance to increase energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources.
  • Energy transition to a renewable energy system.
  • Energy efficiency has to be increased at all stages of the energy chain.
  • There is a growing need of new energy storage solutions and innovation
  • Low carbon energy transport system has to be developed, etc.
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